How to Look for the College that Fits Your Life

how to look

According to Martha O’Connell, an admissions expert, most colleges and universities actually admit more than 70% of applicants. Rejected students are fewer, then. This is how you will find that college: Know the college’s culture. Conduct all research possible. Visit the official website and read the articles that will provide you with a clue as

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Tips for Building Your Career While in College

build your career

College is one of the most crucial periods in your life because it is an institution that prepares you well for your likely career path. If you want to succeed in your career, AOL advises you to make positive career moves while you’re in college: If you are just beginning your college career, or even

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How to Decide on a College Based on Budget

attending college

Education is becoming increasingly expensive. You may now have to shell out as much as $100,000 to $200,000 per child going to college. 123 schools across the country are charging $50,000 a year total for tuition as well as expenses such as room and board. The state is also providing smaller budgets to public universities

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