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August 2014

Second Saturday Art Walk // August 9th 2014, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

6 August  -  6 September 

"Paintings from Italy" by Judy Knott

Art is an evolving and dynamic experience that Judy Knott has embraced since 2008. She started her training in watercolors, but eventually transitioned to oils. Knott is self-taught, but she has taken workshops from such acclaimed artists as Qiang Huang, Gregory Kondos and Timothy Horn. Her artwork is mostly representational, although the subject matter is atypical. When traveling through Italy last year, she focused on the architectural elements of that country. She was impressed and fascinated by the gracefully carved statues, water fountains and columns. Getting up-close-and-personal with these structures transforms a realistic subject into a piece that becomes almost abstract. This current exhibition is based on her recent travels through Italy.

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